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Motoki Kuzuyama

Motoki Kuzuyama is the managing director at Mobile Physio with a passion for physiotherapy and patient centered care.
Motoki decided to pursue his career in physiotherapy and rehabilitation when he injured his own knee while playing soccer at high school.
Upon completion of his studies in 2006, Motoki joined the team at Funabashi Orthopaedic hospital in Chiba prefecture, Japan as a physiotherapist and worked closely with a wide range of patients from professional soccer athletes to geriatric patients suffering from orthopedic conditions.
On the side, Motoki also worked as a sports trainer for Narashino high school soccer team (Premier League), kickstarting his career in sports, which remains his strong passion up to this day.
In his role as a sports trainer, Motoki was involved in taping to prevent injuries and performed sports massage to aid in athlete’s recovery. As well as this, he directed the team’s strength and conditioning training to enhance athlete’s performance and prevent injuries.

It was Motoki’s keen interest in research that motivated his move to Australia to complete his masters at Canberra University.
Currently, in 2022, Motoki is one of very few physiotherapists in Australia who is accredited in both Japan and Australia to work as a physiotherapist.
Motoki was also the first Japanese student to graduate from Canberra University with a Master’s degree.
Today, Motoki works in Brisbane specialising in the field of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.

Motoki is also active in the field of research having published 12 academic research papers so far. He lives a busy schedule lecturing at universities in Japan and performing seminars. This makes Motoki a well-versed therapist who is always up to date on the current and latest research.

Motoki has a strong passion for soccer, having been involved in the sport from a young age. Since moving to Australia he has joined semi-professional soccer teams such as UQFC, UC Pumas as well as Mt Gravatt Hawks. To this day, Motoki is heavily involved in the field, working as a trainer for the club as well as competing in games.

During his off season, Motoki enjoys running marathons, playing golf, snowboarding, and riding bikes. One of Motoki’s biggest achievements in the field of sport was completing a marathon in 3 hours 28 minutes. Motoki is a very competitive athlete who is focused on achievement and works hard towards his goals. This makes Motoki an exceptional athlete as well as a sports physiotherapist as he is well versed in various sports and has a love for movement and exercise.
Motoki’s lifelong passion for research, sports, and exercise enables him to provide exceptional care for every patient that walks through the door, young or old, athlete or non-athlete.

Japanese Physical Therapy Association(Japanese)

11th EFORT Annual Congress Madrid (Spain)

Our Philosophy

Our motto is to perform thorough evaluation; explain the pathophysiology of the injury/condition drawing from our knowledge of functional anatomy; and to perform effective treatments to help meet our patient’s goals.
Every treatment, exercise, advice and education provided is individualized to your specific condition and needs. We help you build and maintain a body that allows you to enjoy the activities that are meaningful to you.

At mobile physio, we take pride in utilising multimodal and evidence-based approach to treatment; combining western dry needling, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, contrast therapy and hot and cold therapy with exercise-based intervention and manual therapy to reduce pain and increase function. Manual therapy can involve pain free joint mobilization as well as soft and deep tissue massage.
To increase the effectiveness of in-clinic interventions, we provide with home exercise program which often involving strengthening and stretching exercises that are specific for the problems experienced by the patient.


1999-2002Narashino High School
2003-2006International University of Health and Welfare Tochigi, Japan
Bachelor’s Degree of Physical Therapy
2006-2009Funabashi Orthopedic Hospital
2009-2013Funabashi Orthopedic Nishifuna Clinic Chiba, Japan
2014Aoinosono Midoriku Geriatric Health Services Facility Chiba, Japan
2015-2017University of Canberra Master of Physiotherapy
2017-CurrentPhysioWorks Bulimba / Mansfield(All Sports Group), Senior Physiotherapis
Moto Mobile Physio Director
2020-Physiotrack (Exercise app for UK):Translator
REHASAKU(exercises IT company) : Translator, Researcher

Sports Physio

  • 2007-2010 Narashino High School Soccer Club (U18 Premier league in Chiba Prefecture, Japan)
  • 2009-2013 Kashiwa Soccer club (Premier league in Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • 2010 Soccer Nathinal Sports festival Medical Support, Japan
  • 2010 Soccer disabled National competition Medical support, Japan
  • 2016-2017 Canberra UC pumas Sports Trainer
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Beach Volleyball Medical support, Japan

Academic Paper

2007Analysis of Joint Moment During Sit to Stand with Handrail, (Japanese, English Abstract), Society of Physical Therapy Science
2007Incidence of shoulder injury of baseball shoulder (Japanese), The Journal of Chiba Sports Medicine
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2019Characteristics of plantar pressure distribution in elite male soccer players with or without history of proximal fifth metatarsal fracture: a case-control study (Award: The best research paper), Journal of Physical Therapy Science.
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201348th Physical Therapy Japan Congress:
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2020Physical Therapy Science Congress:
“Physiotherapy in Australia”

University Lecture / Seminars / Others

2017Ryogoku Gakuen Rehabilitation College: Evidenced Based Practice
2018Funabashi Orthopedic Hospital: Lecturer
2019International University of Health and Welfare: Lecturer
2019Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences: Lecturer
2019Saitama Medical University: Lecturer
2019Uekusa Gakuen University: Lecturer
2019Sato Orthopedic Clinic: Adviser, Lecturer
2020-Encounter Online seminar : Lecturer

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* How to search high quality research paper for physiotherapy practice

* Evidence Based Practice in Australia – How to manage ankle sprain –

2020-Online Master: Lecturer
2020-Physiotrack(UK): Translator
2020-Rehasaku(Japan): Translator
2020Brisbane Seinendan Inc: Exercises and Mental Health
– Maintaining well-being during COVID-19 –
2021Wahaha Brisbane:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Support Project
“Physical dysfunction related to social isolation due to COVID-19 and Falls prevention”